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Blog Locales Famous Pizza Dough

Locale’s Famous Pizza Dough & Delicious Pizza Sauce Recipe

Pizza Dough  310ml Water 5gm Fresh Yeast 600gm ’00’ Italian Pizza Flour – available from the Cooking Company 40ml Olive Oil 20gm Sea Salt Method 1. Activate yeast in water at room temperature 2. Add all ingredients to food processer and mix slowly using a dough hook for 15 mins 3. Place in a large bowl, cover […]

Blog Cured Ocean Trout

Cured Ocean Trout, Fraser Isle Spanner Crab, Fennel, Apple, Radish Salad, Celery Cress & Salmon Roe

Ingredients  serves 4 400gm Ocean Trout Fillet (skin off bones removed) 150gm Rock Salt 150gm Sugar 3 Pieces Star Anise 3 Pieces Fennel Tops and Fronds 120gm Cooked Shelled Spanner Crab Meat 2 Red Radish (julienne) 1 Green Apple (julienne) 1 Bulb Baby Fennel (shaved) 1 Punnet of Celery Cress 50gm Salmon Roe 75ml White […]

Blog Locale Gnocchi

Locale Gnocchi

Ingredients: 200g Desiree Potatoes 60g 00 Italian Flour – purchased from any good Italian grocer, try Belmondos 1 Whole Egg 30g Goats Cheese Pinch of Salt 50g 00 Italian flour to work with on the bench Optional: Homemade Nut Brown Butter Porcini Mushrooms Sage Leaves Asparagus Fresh Zucchini Flowers Method: Roast large Desiree potatoes (whole) on […]



Inspired by Rio’s home town of Puglia in Italy, we recently introduced a new Primi Piatti (Entrée) dish to the Locale menu. Puglia is situated on the eastern side of Italy on the Adriatic Coast and is known for its earthy cuisine and baroque architecture. The CHITARRA, VONGOLE, COZZE is a dish straight from Puglia and features hand […]

Cavolo Nero 16x9


Cavolo Nero is a cousin of kale and is used in many traditional Italian dishes from soups to pasta, and as a side dish. In Italian Cavolo Nero translates to ‘black cabbage’, and has a lovely dark green colour. It tastes a lot like spinach crossed with cabbage but has a nutty after taste. Unlike […]