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The light licorice flavour of fennel is a subtle highlight to so many Italian dishes. While it can be an acquired taste, it’s one of our favourites in the Locale kitchen for its versatility and crisp texture.

Fennel is indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean, but these days is grown world wide and almost year round. In Australia Fennel is in season from March-May, which is one of the reasons it currently features in many of our side salads.

It is delicious when shaved extremely fine and used in salads, as it has such a crunchy and refreshing texture. It is also a main ingredient in our very popular Cured Ocean Trout and Spanner Crab Salad.

When using fennel at home try roasting it with mushrooms and garlic, or lightly sautéing it through an Italian sausage and tortellini dish.

Tip – remember when slicing fennel, make sure you use a sharp knife or mandolin, and store in acidulated water until ready to use.