CARPACCIO of Wild Atlantic Scallops

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This stunning recipe of Wild Atlantic scallop carpaccio with local finger limes, green onion salsa, radish, black sesame seeds and bottarga is simple to put together and sure to impress. Serves 4.


Scallops x 12 (roe off), you can use fresh Hervey Bay if they are in season or Canadian Wild Atlantic (frozen) are fantastic as an alternative

Scallops x 3 per serve, slice each scallop into 3 nice round pieces

Finger limes x 2, remove each end with a sharp knife and roll on bench until all of the pearls of citrus come out. Then set aside in fridge

Red radish x 2 sliced fine and julienned

Green shallots x 2, slice finely and sweat off in a little olive oil, season with a little sea salt and chop very fine. Then set aside in fridge

2 teaspoons black sesame seeds

Micro celery cress x 1 punnet

Grated bottarga x 1 tbls (air dried mullet roe)

Chardonnay vinaigrette x 100ml (25ml Chardonnay vinegar plus 75ml olive oil)

Sea salt



Arrange scallops on 4 long rectangle plates 9 slices per serve.

Dress scallops with a little green onion, add radish, finger lime pearls, grated bottarga, sesame seeds and celery cress.

Dress with vinaigrette and lastly a little sea salt.


Buon Appetito!