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Lamb ribeye, caramelized radicchio, peppers, pinenuts, woodland sorrel & smoked yoghurt
Serves 4



2 racks of lamb [ 8 ribs long cleaned and frenched fat removed ] 1 head of radicchio – core removed cut into quarters, separate leaves
1 red onion
50ml olive oil
150ml red wine
50ml red wine vinegar
100gm brown sugar
2 bay leaves
4 sprigs of thyme
2 red peppers
100gm roasted pinenuts
300ml good quality yoghurt (drained over night)
Handful of wood chips (hickory is fine)
30ml balsamic vinegar
100ml olive oil
6 mint leaves
1 bunch of sorrel
100gm frisee
100gm snow pea tendrils
1 teaspoon of ground sumac
100 reduced veal jus (can be bought at any good providore or food hall)



Smoked Yoghurt

You will need a perforated tray that fits into another.

Place wood chips in bottom tray, place a piece of foil into a perforated tray large enough to capture the drained yoghurt, fold the edges up to stop the yoghurt from running. Wrap the tray with the yoghurt in gladwrap making sure it is well sealed, 2 or 3 gladwrap pieces very tight should do the trick! Light the wood chips and get them burning, then blow out the flames and quickly place the yoghurt tray on top to seal in the smoke and all of its aroma. Leave for 1 hour, then place yoghurt in fridge in a sealed container.

Roast peppers in a hot oven 200c until all sides have coloured and skin has blistered, about 15 mins. Remove and place in a bowl, cover with gladwrap and allow to steam, this will help the skin come off. Once cool, peel skin and remove seeds. Cut into fine strips add a little balsamic and olive oil, salt and pepper and chopped mint leaves. Put to one side until ready to serve.

Caramelized Radicchio

Peel onion and slice finely

Blanch radicchio leaves for 5 mins in boiling salted water (helps remove bitterness), refresh in cold water.

Saute onion in a pot until soft. Add brown sugar, red wine, thyme, red wine vinegar, radicchio leaves, bay leaves and reduce until a jam consistency, about 30 mins. Add seasoning (keep warm until ready to serve).


Remove lamb from bones, keep in 1 piece, season well on all sides and brown off in a hot pan with a little butter and olive oil. Place in moderate oven (165c) for 20 mins. Remove and rest for 10mins, cover with foil (should be nice and pink)

To Serve

Place raddichio evenly onto 4 plates
Slice each ribeye into 6 pieces, and arrange 3 pieces on each plate on top of radicchio
Dress with marinated peppers
Place yoghurt in a piping bag and pipe a few dots of yoghurt around the lamb
Garnish with salad leaves
Dress with balsamic and olive oil, and a little hot veal jus
Lastly, sprinkle some ground sumac over the yoghurt and some roasted pinenuts

Serve immediately