Andy’s Chocolate Tart

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In the romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day, chef Andy has shared a chocolate tart recipe that speaks of true love.

Tart Shell

100g Butter
40g Sugar
1 Egg
170g Flour

1. Mix the first 3 ingredients together until soft, then add the flour.
2. Rest in the fridge for 4 hours, then roll it out (as thin as possible).
3. Cut it out and put it in a ring/ mould.
4. Rest for a further 1 hour in the fridge and then bake blind at 210*C for 12 – 15 min until golden.
5. Leave to cool.

Tart Filling

120g Cream
20g Sugar
1g Vanilla
1 Whole Egg
100g Dark Chocolate

1. Heat up the cream, sugar and vanilla – do not let boil.
2. Add the egg and the dark chocolate, put back on heat until it reaches 75 *C.
3. Let it cool down, then pipe to ¾ fill the cold tart shell and let it set (before you pipe, you could put a bit of pistachio caramel inside to add crunch).

Chocolate Glaze

30g Cream
5g Sugar
15g Water
40g Glucose
4g Soft Gelatine
18g Cacao Powder

1. Heat up the cream, sugar, water, glucose.
2. Then add the soft gelatine and the cacao powder.
3. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
4. Put it in a piping bag and pipe it slowly over the cold tart until level

Pistachio Caramel

120g Sugar
40g Pistachio

1. Heat up the sugar until it gets to a dark caramel.
2. Add the pistachio and pour out of the pan onto baking paper, allow to cool and then crush it in a food processor

Chocolate Soil

25g Sugar
1tbls Water
35g Dark Chocolate

1. Heat up the sugar and the water until it turns a light caramel on the edge, remove from heat, add the dark chocolate, stir with whisk and remove from heat.

1. Create the shell, you can cook this 1 day earlier. It’s important that the shell is really thin and cooked well.
2. Add the chocolate mixture to the shell, and let it set for 1 hour. (freezer).
3. Put the chocolate ganache in a piping bag and pipe it slowly and thinly to ¾ fill the chocolate tart. Be careful not to fill it up too much. Give the ganache time to set, it takes around 20mins.
4. In this time, you can produce the pistachio caramel and the chocolate soil.
5. Garnish the shiny chocolate tart with fresh berries (for example raspberries)

For Plating
1. Use a white plate, to contrast the dark ganache.
2. Put the tart on the plate, add the chocolate soil and our the pistachio caramel over the top.
3. Garnish with some flowers, fresh berries and some lemonbalm. We like to garnish the chocolate tart with real gold powder and leaves, and on the side of our chocolate tart we like to add some chocolate nibs to cover the edges.